August 5, 2021


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TMKOC Today’s Episode – Bhogilal To Caught Jethalal & Company – Tarak Mehta Written Update

TMKOC Today’s Episode is very interesting, where we will see that all Gent’s of Gokuldham Society hide in Jethalal’s room, whereas Ladies Gang in Tappu’s room. Champak Chaha is waiting for Bhogilal in hall.

But Gent’s gang of Gokuldham, keep making mess and fighting in between. One after one Sodhi, Popatlal and Iyer keep shouting loudly hence Champak Chaha get’s angry and asked them to shut up and keep silent.

On other hand, Sundar and Tarak Mehta Saab is in society compound to receive Bhogilal. Sundar introduce Mehta Saab to Bhogilal as Champak Chacha’s accountant.

TMKOC Today’s Episode

Sundar ask Bhogilal to left his bodyguards in compound and come to Champak Chacha’s home. But Bhogilal denied the same and say that he won’t go anywhere without his bodyguards.

Sundar and Mehta Saab agreed to this and they all start climbing Jethalal’s home stairs but as soon as Mehta Saab climb up, he notice that, they forgot to take off Jethalal’s name plate from the door. Mehta Saab tell this Sundar, hence Sundar cover the name plate and ask Bhogilal to enter in the house.

As soon as Bhogilal enter’s in the house, Sundar introduce him to Champak Chaha.

Bhogilal tell Champak Chacha that, I am from Bhachau too but shifted in childhood, hence don’t know anyone there. Champak Chaha tell him but I know your father, he was very good person.

Bhogilal keep lying in front of Champak Chacha regarding his honesty and ethics of business. But this makes Jethalal and his gang angry as they know the reality of Bhogilal.

Sodhi get’s too angry and tell Jethalal once you get money from Bhogilal, I will not leave him and will make a his sandwich for sure.

We hope you have liked TMKOC Today’s Episode. In tomorrow’s episode, we will see that, Champak Chacha, Baka and Sundar will make blunder’s in front of Bhogilal. Till then, please check our other articles and keep visiting for every day latest updates.