August 5, 2021


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Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma Written Update – Bagha To Fail Jethalal’s Masterplan – 10th March 2021 Episode – SAB TV

In Today’s Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma Written Update we will see that, the show is up for very big twist. We will see Bhogilal looks at the photo of Tappu and asks who is this? Bapuji tells that this is my grandson, Tippendra Je. Bapuji stops by speaking so much. Then Mehta Saab tells Tippendra Jitendra Gada. The name of Chachaji’s son is Jitendra. Chachaji affectionately calls him Jitendra.

Then Bhogilal asks, where is Jitendra? Bapuji asks who is Jeetendra? Mehta Saab says that this confusion has already happened in the society as there are 2 Jitendra. One of the secretary of the society Jitendra and other is his sons. Which is why Chachaji asked who Jitendra?

Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma Written Update

Bhogilal asks Bapuji where is your son ? Mehta Saab says that uncle’s son does not live with him. Bhogilal asks if your son agrees to the deal. Mehta Saab speaks about his consent.

Bhogilal asks Chachaji, why is there no photo of your son in the house ? Mehta saab tell, why should uncle keep his photo as son don’t stay with him. Chachaji is very emotional and he misses his son after seeing the photo. Sundar speaks to Bhogilal, you do not talk much about his son, if he becomes emotional then the intention will change.

Babita ji brings water for everyone. Bhogilal asks uncle, he is your daughter-in-law. Bapuji says that my son is not living not me, hence my daughter-in-law also stays with him. This is Babita, my neighbor. She keeps coming to help me. Bhogilal is happy to see Babita ji and talks to her. That is why Jethalal gets irritated.

Bhogilal asks for the ground paper. Mehta Saab gives him the ground paper. Sundar tells that this is the land of his forefathers.

Here in the club house, all the children are in this tension of what will be happening at home. Tappu says that the Sundar uncle has called Bhogilal uncle at home. now he should not be go without giving money or else there will be a huge problem. All children pray to God.

Bhogilal asks Chachaji, this is the land of your forefathers, so why are you selling such good land ? At first, no one gives any reason, then Bhogilal speaks, without knowing the reason, he does not buy land.

SAB TV Serials Written Update

Then Chachaji says, I am selling land because of my son. Bhogilal asks what business does your son dov? Mehta Saab tells that he has a shop named Gada Jewelers. Bapuji tells that he does not know how to do business, he trusts everyone.

Bapuji says that someone has con my son’s 50 lakh and he is not ready to give the money back. Bhogilal speak, how are people in the world? How do people sleep after eating money ? Sundar say such people should blacken the face and put it on the donkey, wearing a necklace of shoes.

Bhogilal asks Sundar who is brother-in-law ? Sundar then tells, I call Jijaji to uncle’s son Jitendra and calls his wife’s wife sister. Bhogilal gives Chachaji to sign the paper of the agreement.

Here Bagha calls Jethalal but he does not pick up Bagha’s phone, so Bagha is going to Jethalal’s house. In this way he gets a call from Nattu Kaka and he also asks him to go to Jethalal’s house.

In the next episode, while Bhogilal is giving money to Chachaji, he heard shouting voice of Bhide. Please follow our articles, to know what will happen next.

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