August 5, 2021


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Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma 12th March 2021 Written Update – Bhogilal Ran Away – Sab TV Serials

In SAB TV show Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma 12th March 2021 Written Update , we will see that, Mehta Saab speaks to Bhogilal, I give you the network from the hotspot, you pay. Bhogilal starts paying by connecting to the hotspot.

Here Bagha comes in the Gokuldham Society. Seeing Bhogilal’s car standing there, he feels that Bhogilal has come to pay Jethalal. He happily goes to Jethalal’s house.

Bhogilal is about to transfers the payment, here comes Bagha singing the song. Everyone gets shocked after seeing him.

Bhogilal asks Bagha, what are you doing here? Bagha asks him, what are you doing at Sethji’s house? Have you come to pay Sethji ? Sundar, Bapuji and Mehta Saab say to Bagha, there is no Sethji here, you have come to the wrong house, now go from here, Mehta saab points at Bagha with an eye. Bhogilal suspects Bagha and asks his bodyguards to hold him.

He remembers all the suspicious things after coming to the society and feels that there is a mess.

Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma 12th March 2021 Written Update

Bhogilal tells Bagha, that now I understand all your tactics. Your Sethji’s name is Jethalal and this house belongs to Jethalal. Who is owner of Gada electronics. Sundar tells Bhogilalji you are having some misunderstanding. But Bhogilal tells him that I have noticed the nameplate of Jethalal’s on the door which you covered with your hand.

Bhogilal sends the lawyer to see the nameplate of the door. After seeing the nameplate, he tells that this is Jethalal’s house.

Bhogilal came to know all the truth, so all the gents and ladies come out of the room. Jethalal tells Bhogilal that this is my home, Champak Chacha is my Bapuji, Sundar is my brother-in-law and the land being negotiated here is my own land.

Bhogilal gets to know all the plans, then he speaks to Jethalal, your entire plan has failed, now I will not even return your money and will go with the paper of the signed agreement. Jethalal speaks, now you will go from here only if you give my 50 lakh rupees.

Bhogilal says how will you stop me? I have my bodyguards. He tells his bodyguard to clear the way. All the society member’s get crowded with those bodyguards. Both Sodhi and Sundar fights with the bodyguards well. Roshan Bhabhi and Madhavi Bhabhi put red chilies in the eyes of those bodyguards. Their eyes start burning. Sodhi ties them with a rope.

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On the other hand, Bhogilal stole the ground paper and keeps it with him. Jethalal speaks to Bhogilal, if you do not give me 50 lakhs, we will do the same with you. Bhogilal speaks, I have your land paper and I am going. When Mehta Saab starts snatching the ground paper, Bhogilal shows him the pistol. Everybody gets scared.

Bhogilal ask everyone to get back by showing fear of Pistol and starts going out of the house. At the same time, the photo of Jethalal’s grandfather falls on Bhogilal’s hand and the pistol falls down from his hand. All the society members run behind him. Bhogilal and the lawyer go out of the house and lock the door with a link.

In the next episode, Bhogilal calls the Inspector Chalu Pandey and tells him thats Gokuldham society members attacked me and he runs away.

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