August 5, 2021


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Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma 11th March 2021 Episode Written Update – Bhogilal Refuse To Pay Rs. 50 Lakhs – SAB TV

In Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma 11th March 2021 Episode Written Update, we will see that, A very interesting twist is coming in SAB TV’s popular show Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma.

When all the ladies are in the kitchen, the lota falls down from Anjali. Bhogilal hear this sound and say it is the sound of falling utensils. He asks Babita ji is there anyone else in the kitchen? Babita ji says there is no one. Bhogilal asks, the how did the voice sound ?

Mehta Saab tells that, there will be a cat. Bapuji tells that, I have a cat who drops the pot in the milk. Bhogilal asks Bapuji to sign on the agreement. Sundar ask Bhogilal, is your money ready? Bhogilal tells, do not take any tension, there are 50 lakh ready in my bank account.

Jethalal is very furious after hearing this. Jethalal speaks, I feel like going out and killing him. Hathi Bhai says, you all go out and kill him and I go to the kitchen and eat something. Bhide does not shout loudly, it takes Bhogilal Soon out.

Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma 11th March 2021 Episode Written Update

Bhogilal asks, whose voice is this? Bapuji says that, I have a dog too. All of you guys were going to come, so I have kept it locked in the room. Jethalal also makes a dog’s sound. Mehta Saab speaks, an elderly man whose son does not live with him, he took a dog and a cat and considers them to be his family.

Bhogilal say how does a dog and cat together? I would like to see such a dog. Bhogilal asks his bodyguard to bring the dog from the room but his lawyer is very afraid of the dog because he has bitten the dog twice in his childhood, due to which he had to take 14 injections in the stomach twice. Bhogilal tells him not to be afraid and tells the bodyguard to bring the dog.

The bodyguard try to opens the door, Mehta saab says that dog will bite him. Seeing the unknown man, he gets angry. Sundar also forbids the bodyguard to open the door. The lawyer gets scared after hearing Jethalal’s growling. Jethalal gets a cough, then Bhide Popatlal also makes a dog’s voice.

Hearing different voices, Bhogilal asks uncle, you told me that you have only one dog, so how are the voices of 3-4 dogs voices coming ? Mehta Saab says that, this is a different bred of dog that makes different sounds in different moods, feels hungry, barks in a different voice, bites in a different voice, but if he sees a false man, then straight away he bites. Bhogilal is scared.

The lawyer says if the dog comes out, I will not stop here. Mehta saab says, if you deal with it quickly, we will not be able to keep it closed for much longer.

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Bhogilal asks Chachaji to sign on the agreement, then Chachaji and Mehta Saab ask him to transfer the money but Bhogilal asks him to sign first and after that the money will be transferred.

Chachaji signs the agreement. Sundar asks Bhogilal to get an agreement but after sign, Bhogilal say I will not show the agreement to anyone, saying that Bhogilal keeps the Agreement in his coat, so how the agreement will tear Sunder now is a matter of concern to everyone. Even after becoming a sign, Bhogilal makes excuses for transferring money. Sometimes he says that the Muhurat of money has gone out and sometimes he says that there is no network in mobile. Mehta Saab tells him that there is no network in your mobile, so I give the hotspot the money will be transferred. Bhogilal comes in tension.

In the next episode, when Bagha comes to Jethalal’s house, Bhogilal suspects him. For next episode, please follow our articles to know what will happen next. Thank you.