June 22, 2021


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Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma - 8th June 2021 Episode Written Update

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma - 8th June 2021 Episode Written Update

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 8th June 2021 Episode Written Update – Black marketer’s caught Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha – SAB TV Serials

In SAB TV‘s show Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 8th June 2021 Episode Written Update, Main boss tells Popatlal if you had not followed Sanjana, you might have survived but now your game is over. Sanjana does the job in the resort but does the work for me.

Popatlal says that during this corona epidemic, people are battling between life and death in the hospital. This is the time to show humanity. To work for each other. of helping each other. At this time you are doing black marketing of essential things. This is a big crime.

Main boss says no crime. This is the time to make money and enjoy. Do you know how cleverly I have established the business of black marketing of this medicine, injection and vaccine ? Till date police can’t harm me, then what will a small journalist like you do to harm me ?

Bharti says don’t call Popatbhai a small journalist. Main boss asks what will you do ? Popatlal says nothing. It was mistake. He pacifies Bharti. Main boss asks what will you do ? Bharti says, I will tell later after thinking.

Main boss speaks tell me the truth, who else is there in this mission other than you two ? Popatlal tells that no one is with us. There is only both of us. The Main Boss speaks tell the truth, don’t lie. If I come to know that there is someone else with you then no one will be worse than me.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 8th June 2021 Episode Written Update

Bapuji goes to the bathroom and comes out after taking out the chain from his neck and all three of them are going to find the CCTV room, at the same time, Jethalal asks waiter Mukesh, the gold chain that Bapuji wears around his neck has fallen somewhere in the resort, so we want to found where is the chain fall on CCTV ?

The waiter Mukesh tells that you go to the reception and meet the Manager sir, he can help you.

Bagha speaks to Jethalal, let’s go to the reception and talks to the Manager. Jethalal says that we have to talk a little cautiously because there will also be Sanjana. Bapuji says that we are going to find the chain, we are not going to find Popatlal. Jethalal says Sanjana is very smart. She should not doubt us, we are looking for Popatlal and Bharti on the pretext of chain.

The man of the Main Boss asks him what to do with these two now ? Main boss speaks, I will tell. At the same time, Deepti calls to Main Boss. On hearing Deepti’s name from his mouth, Popatlal asks, Deepti has also met with you. Main boss says yes.

Deepti asks how is Popatlal’s hospitality going ? The Main Boss tells that hospitality has just started. Will last long. Deepti says Do nice hospitality because he fooled us. Main boss asks Deepti to search Popatlal’s room and locker.

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Deepti searches Popatlal’s room and calls the Main Boss and tells him that they have no evidence against us. The Main Boss says that first I should deal with these people, later I say what to do?

Popatlal says that whatever happens, I will get you punished. Main boss says who will get me punished, there is no evidence or any witness. Popatlal and Bharti say we are witnesses. Main boss says I knew no one knows about my reality except you. You are very fond of catching me, don’t you ? Today I will fulfill that hobby of yours by giving a shock. That’s why I am removing both of you from my path forever. I’m finishing you.

The Main Boss speaks by showing a button, as soon as this button is pressed, a current of 440 volts will start running in the water here and with that the fuse of both of you will blow forever. There will be neither any proof nor any witness for this.

The Main Boss tells his man I have a meeting at 6 o’clock which will end at 6:30. Press this button as soon as my meeting is over, with which the current will spread in the water. The meeting of Madan Lal ended there and the lives of both of them ended here.

Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha meets Manager and Jethalal tells him we have to watch the CCTV video. Deepti listens to them. Manager thinks that Jethalal was talking about black marketing of medicines that day and today he wants to see CCTV footage. I am right that something is wrong. Manager tells them sorry sir we can’t show you CCTV footage is a question of resort’s policy.


Bapuji asks how can we don’t see ? Deepti comes there, she tells the Manager, I will talk to them. Manager leaves from there.

Deepti asks why do you want to see the CCTV footage ? Jethalal tells that the gold chain that Bapuji wears around his neck has fallen somewhere in the resort. At the same time, Deepti gets a call from the Main Boss. Deepti cuts his phone and asks Jethalal to tell. But the Main Boss again calls Deepti. Bapuji asks Deepti to talk on the phone first. Deepti tells that my mother’s call is coming.

Deepti picks up the phone in front of him and starts talking. She says mummy on phone that’s why the Main Boss asks is there anyone in front of you ? Deepti tells that I am with guest and if there is no important thing then I talk later. Main boss tells Deepti to call quickly.

Deepti asks the three of them, what were you saying ? Bapuji tells that the gold chain that I wear around my neck has been lost and has fallen somewhere. To find it, we have to watch the CCTV video.

Deepti tells that even if we want, we can not show you the CCTV footage because the cyclone which came  did the wiring damage of CCTV in it. They are shocked to hear this. Bagha says that now there is trouble. Deepti says I tell the staff to find your chain.

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Deepti asks now let me go, mummy has a very important work. Bapuji asks her to leave. Jethalal says CCTV was the last hope, what will you do now ? Deepti speaks on the phone as she leaves, say yes boss. These three listen to it. Jethalal says that she was about to call the mother and is speaking to the boss. There seems to be some glitch. Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha follow her.

Main boss asks Deepti what happened ? Everything is fine, isn’t it ? Deepti tells that some guests were asking for CCTV footage. Main boss asks then what did you tell them ? Deepti tells that if we have already cut the wire of CCTV, then gave them the excuse of cyclone. Jethalal Bapuji and Bagha hear this.

Main boss says I am leaving for the resort from here. It is 6 o’clock, it is time for the meeting. All the preparations for the meeting are done, isn’t it ? Deepti tells that everything has been set for your 6 o’clock meeting.

Main boss says to keep my meeting near the same swimming pool where Doctor Malpani had fallen in the water. That place is lucky for me. Deepti says I will send him to the same swimming pool for a meeting.

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The Main Boss asks if you remember the new code word. Deepti speaks Safed Kabutar. I will send whoever speaks code word Safed Kabutar to the meeting area. Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha speak, now Cash Hai To Aish Hai is not the code word, Safed Kabutar is new code word.

Main boss says Cash and Aish both are waiting for us. I will call you before I reach. Deepti asks what happened to that journalist and the girl ? Main boss tells that I have fixed his deal with the God. Our deal ends there, their breath ends here.

Deepti hangs up the phone and Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha come in front of her. Seeing them, Deepti gets very scared. Deepti says you guys ? Jethalal says that we have heard all your words. Now we know everything. Bapuji says she lied to us that she go to the temple everyday and feed the poor.

Bagha looks at the Manager. Bagha speaks, let’s tell everything to the Manager and also calls the police. All three of them run after the Manager. Deepti calls up her man and tells to stop Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha. Those three men stop Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha.

In the next episode, Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha will wear the clothes of  Resort staff to avoid the black marketer’s men. Now follow our articles to know what will happen next. Thank You.