August 5, 2021


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Bapuji will party sharty by mistake

Bapuji will party sharty by mistake

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 8th July 2021 Episode Written Update – Bapuji will party sharty by mistake – SAB TV Serials

In SAB TV‘s show, Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 8th July 2021 Episode Written Update, When Bhide starts climbing on the tree to pluck mangoes, Goli tells him to pluck 4-5 dozen mangoes, Komal says that Doctor Hathi also likes mangoes. Bhide speaks 4-5 dozen mangoes will take a lot of time I pluck 8-10 mangoes and bring them.

When Bhide starts climbing on the tree, Gogi makes out the sound of pants bursting in his mobile. Bhide blushes and stands up. Madhavi tells him why are you getting worried about mangoes? Don’t climb the tree. Mehta Saab sees that Tappu Sena is laughing, so he tells that Gogi is making noise from his mobile. Bhide nothing has happened, your pants are perfectly fine.

Mehta Saab and Popatlal tell Tappu Sena not to make fun. Gogi apologizes to Bhide. Bhide says no matter how much you joke, I will keep climbing on the tree. Bhide climbs on the tree and breaks all the mangoes. Goli says this is raw mango, so you break ripe mango from above but Bhide says that my hand will not reach there.

Bhide comes down from the tree. Bhide broke the mangoes, so Sonu is very happy. Jiya, the receptionist of the resort, comes there and says, what did you guys do? Mangoes cannot be broken from this tree, there is a fine of Rs 5000.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 8th July 2021 Episode Written Update

Sodhi ask what is so special about this mango? Jiya tells that this is a family tree, the father of the owner of this resort had planted it with his own hands. No guest is allowed to break mangoes. The mangoes of this tree go only to the owner’s house, but if someone else breaks it, then there is a fine of 5000 rupees on one mango. Iyer says Rs 50000 for 10 mangoes will be fine, so everyone gives mangoes back to Bhide. Everyone puts an allegation on each other to pluck mangoes.

Popatlal did not tell anything before plucking mangoes from the tree, so Bhide tells Popatlal to pay a fine. Popatlal says why should I pay a fine, I will not pay even a single rupee. Jiya speaks to Popatlal, you are our special guest, I will talk to the owner himself, he will not take any fine from you. Everyone takes mangoes back from Bhide.

Meera asks everyone to visit the resort. Jiya asks everyone to keep mangoes there and collect mangoes from the reception while returning.

The people of Gokuldham come to the wandering lover’s bridge. Everyone takes selfies there. Popatlal tells that this is a special bridge for the mission Kala Kauwa. This lovers bridge was made to reach the black marketers of medicines. Sodhi asks how is that? Popatlal speaks that I will tell later, now we move on to the next destination.

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Popatlal takes everyone to the boating area. Tappu Sena starts going towards the boat, then he tells the children, first we take a tour of the resort, after that everyone will go boating together. Popatlal asks everyone, do you know what happened with me here on the mission? Abdul says if you tell, we will know. Tell me what happened here? Popatlal says that I will tell you later.

Everyone is moving, so a ball comes near Goli and Goli kicks it hard and the ball goes into the lake. That ball belongs to small children, they keep crying and so the Tapu Sena runs away from there. The rest of the Gokuldham people also run after them. Meera says to the little children, you come with me to the reception, I will get you the ball.

The people of Gokuldham run away and come near the swimming pool. Meera tells Bhide please this is a resort, don’t do such mischief here. Bhide says why are you telling me mischief then Tapu Sena has done it. Meera says they are children, what should I tell them? You are the secretary of society, everyone has come under your leadership, so I will tell you only.

Bhide tells Tappu Sena because of you I am getting scolded. Tappu Sena says sorry to Bhide. They say that mischief happened to us by accident, we did not do it intentionally. Bhide says further don’t do mischief accidentally or intentionally. Mehta Saab asks Bhide to keep calm.

Mehta Saab asks Popatlal, did anything happen here? Popatlal tells that there are two swimming pools in this resort, one is this small swimming pool and there is a big swimming pool there.

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Iyer asks Popatlal, did anything happen here? Popatlal tells that you are seeing that place, there we made a plan to make our mission Kala Kauwa successful by sitting there. Bhide ask what was that plan? Popatlal speaks, I will tell later.

Popatlal brings everyone to the big swimming pool. Sodhi jokes about pushing Bhide into the water, so Bhide gets very scared. Mehta Saab asks Popatlal what happened here? Popatlal says that our mission Kala Kauwa got the first injury here. Mehta Saab asks Hathi Bhai what happened? Hathi Bhai starts telling but Bhide speaks, don’t you tell, Popatlal will tell later.

Popatlal starts taking everyone to the water park where the climax of the mission took place.

Jethalal tells Bapuji that the order has been received, so Bapuji becomes happy. Seeing the bag in Jethalal’s hand, Bapuji asks what is this? Who gave? Jethalal tells that KK Bhai gave it. When does Bagha ask? Jethalal tells him that we came out of KK Bhai’s cabin, after that you went to find Bapuji, then KK Bhai gave a gift by Ravi.

Bapuji asks what is in this? Jethalal tells that there is decoction in it. The owner of the resort has a garden, in which a decoction is made from Ayurvedic things and gifts are given to special guests.

In the next episode, Bapuji wants to drink decoction from Jethalal’s bottle. Now follow our articles to know what will happen next. Thank you.