August 5, 2021


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Bhide will pluck mangoes by climbing a tree

Bhide will pluck mangoes by climbing a tree

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 7th July 2021 Episode Written Update – Bhide will pluck mangoes by climbing a tree – SAB TV Serials

In SAB TV‘s show, Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 7th July 2021 Episode Written Update, Mehta Saab with his friends goes to Tappu Sena’s room to find a party bag but he does not get the bag there. They all come out.

Sodhi calls Popatlal and calls him on the 3rd floor. Popatlal comes there and asks what happened? Sodhi tells him that the bag containing the party sharty is lost. Everyone starts going downstairs to find that bag.

As soon as they come down, they find the Manager of the resort and Meera. Popatlal tells the Manager that my friend’s bag got lost on arrival at the resort. The Manager tells Bhide that you cannot walk in such a towel and banyan, you should wear clothes first. There is a question of the reputation of the resort.

Sodhi tells the Manager, find my bag, there is a lot of valuable stuff in it. The Manager asks where did you see the bag last time? Iyer tells that when Sodhi got down from the bus, he had kept the bag near the fountain. We went there to see but the bag was not there.

Doctor Hathi ask, has any of your staff kept that bag somewhere? Meera tells that no one has got the bag and if someone had got the bag, it would have been deposited on the counter by now.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 7th July 2021 Episode Written Update

Sodhi says that my bag is missing after coming to your resort. If my bag is not found in 10 minutes then I will call the police. The Manager says that there has never been a theft in our resort and if anything is lost, it is also found. If the police come to the resort, it will be a matter of theft and the name of our resort will be infamous.

Sodhi says that I want my bag or else I will call the police. Bhide explains to him that if the police come here, there will be an inquiry and it will be known that there are bottles in the bag. The Manager says you give me some time, I check the CCTV and locate the bag.

At the same time, Abdul brings Sodhi’s bag and gives it to him. Everyone gets very happy seeing the bag. Abdul tells that your bag had come into my room. When my eyes fell on this bag, I went to your room to return the bag, but your room was closed, so I came down looking for you.

Iyer asks him how did this bag come to his room? Abdul tells that Sodhi Bhai started dancing as soon as he got down from the bus and put the bag down. So I picked up the bag and put it in the luggage trolley. The resort staff thought it was my bag, so they kept it in my room.

Everyone says thank you to the Manager. Popatlal talks about taking everyone to the resort. The Manager asks Bhide to get dressed. Bhide says I will wear it as soon as I enter the room. Everyone goes to their respective rooms to get ready.

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Jethalal and Bagha become very happy because of getting the order. He asks Bagha to bring Bapuji so that he can also give good news to him. Jethalal calls Babitaji to know whether the people of Gokuldham have reached or not, but her phone does not ring. Then he calls Iyer but Iyer cuts the phone saying that there is no sound due to a network problem.

Jethalal thinks that the Gokuldham people would not have brought anything for party sharty as there were children and ladies with them, so before Bapuji comes, he takes the bottle in a chain bag from the restaurant.

Bhide and Madhavi give samples of pickle and papad to the Manager. The Manager says that I get its food tested, if it is good then you will get the order. All the people of Gokuldham get ready and came to roam. The Manager sends Meera along to show them the resort.

After coming out of the reception, Popatlal tells everyone to roam the resort walks from the right side and Meera says walk from the left. Goli says half to go after Popatlal uncle and a half to go after her. Popatlal says walk from the left but Meera says walk from the right. Then Tappu speaks and does the toss.

Mehta Saab say why to toss? Walk from the left and he starts walking holding Meera’s hand. Meera tells him then he gets nervous seeing Meera together. Anjali jokes with him at first but later says that I cannot leave your hand on this entire trip.

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All the Gokuldham people go for a walk, then a man has lost the key to his room, so goes to the reception with Meera to get a new key.

Popatlal speaks to all, let me show you the most special and fun places of Rang Tarang Resort. This mango tree grows very sweet mangoes on this tree and in the resort, mango pickles, mango marmalade, Aamras are made from the mangoes of this tree.

Goli asks to pluck mangoes from the tree. Sodhi goes to pluck mangoes by pelting stones but he does not get targeted. Iyer asks him to pelt mangoes by pelting stones at an angle of 45 degrees. Sodhi throws a stone but that stone hits Iyer’s head. Doctor Hathi rubs on Iyer’s injury, so he gets relief.

Sonu has a desire to eat mango, so Tappu starts climbing on the tree but Bhide himself talks about plucking the mango by climbing on the tree.

In the next episode, Bapuji will come to know about the party sharty in the resort. Now follow our articles to know what will happen next. Thank you.