August 5, 2021


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Chachaji caught Jethalal red handed with a bottle

Chachaji caught Jethalal red handed with a bottle

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 6th July 2021 Episode Written Update – Chachaji caught Jethalal red handed with a bottle – SAB TV Serials

In SAB TV‘s show, Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 6th July 2021 Episode Written Update,¬†Jethalal and Bagha come to Miramar resort for a business deal. They are asked to wait there in a room. Bagha speaks to Jethalal, you talk to Mr KK. Jethalal says I will talk only.

Mr KK comes for the meeting. He introduces himself. Jethalal and Bagha start talking to him in Hindi but Mr KK says I would prefer to talk in English. Jethalal agrees to talk in English.

Mr. KK wants to know about Gada electronics, so Jethalal tries to talk in English but he is not able to talk well, so Bagha starts talking in English.

Mr KK asks Bagha, I am getting a bit confused who is the owner of Gada electronics? you or him? Bagha speaks to him. Jethalal asks Bagha to ask Mr KK, do you know a little bit Hindi? Then Mr KK speaks, I know Hindi.

Jethalal asks Mr KK, then why do you have so much love for English? If you get hurt while walking, what comes out of your mouth oh mother or oh maa? What does english have to do with TV and Fridge? What would have happened to you if I sold your TV and fridge by speaking good English with you and later did not provide after-sales service?

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 6th July 2021 Episode Written Update

Jethalal says that English is a good language, I have nothing against it, but Hindi is our language. In the affair of English, we forget our language, it is not right. I will talk to you in Hindi only if you do not want to order then it does not matter. I will say so much that no one will be able to give you rate and service like Gada electronics in the whole market.

Mr. KK starts thinking. Jethalal and Bagha get up and start going out, but Mr KK tells them to sit down, we will talk in Hindi only. We have 70 rooms in our resort for which I need TV, Fridge and AC whose order I will order from you. Jethalal and Bagha become very happy. They both leave the room.

Bhide family comes to their room. Bhide tells Madhavi and Sonu to get ready quickly but Madhavi says if you are in a hurry then get ready first. He asks Madhavi for his bag but she does not have his bag there.

Bhide feels that his bag is left down, so Bhide starts running and goes down, but Tapu returns the bag to him. He goes to the wrong room while talking on the phone, so there is a fight between husband and wife. Bhide leaves from there after saying sorry to him and comes to his room. Madhavi and Sonu are taking selfies. Bhide goes to be fresh.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma Cast

Sodhi and Iyer miss their wife. But if Sodhi says that Roshan is not there, then I can do party sharty fiercely. Sodhi looks for his party sharty’s stock bag in the room but it is not there so he gets tensed. He asks Iyer to trace the bag.

Iyer asks where did you put that bag in the last? Do you remember anything? Sodhi tells that when I got off the bus, kept the bag at the pineapple fountain at the entrance. They both go to the fountain to find the bag but they do not get that bag.

Iyer says that your bag must have been seen to Bhide and he must have kept it. Sodhi and Iyer go to Bhide’s room. Sodhi asks Bhide if that shoulder bag of mine has come to your room by mistake? Madhavi says no, we don’t have any bag in our room. Sodhi brings Bhide out in a banyan and towel and tells him that the party sharty bag has been lost. Bhide also gets a shock.

The staff of the resort Meera comes there and says hello to all three. Seeing Bhide in a banyan and towel, she asks, any problem sir? Bhide says we are just chatting.


All three go to Mehta Saab’s room to find a bag. He tells Mehta Saab that the party sharty bag has been lost. Hearing this, they also get shocked. Mehta Saab tells lies to Anjali, we are going to see the place to honor Popatlal and go to find the bag.

Doctor Hathi orders Masala Chai and Aloo Paratha. At the same time, Mehta Saab brings everyone there. Mehta Saab asks Komal, has any other bag arrived with your luggage? Komal says that no such bag has come. Mehta Saab tells that Sodhi’s bag is lost, Hathi Bhai came to find it.

Everyone comes out and Mehta Saab tells Doctor Hathi that the party sharty bag is lost. All of them go to the room of Tapu Sena to find the bag.

In the next episode, Jethalal is carrying a bottle for the party but Bapuji will catch him. Now follow our articles to know what will happen next. Thank you.