June 22, 2021


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Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma - 4th June 2021 Episode Written Update

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma - 4th June 2021 Episode Written Update

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 4th June 2021 Episode Written Update – Popatlal and Bharti got kidnapped – SAB TV Serials

In SAB TV‘s show Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 4th June 2021 Episode Written Update,¬†Popatlal tells Jethalal first we will check out then you guys check out. Just then the phone of Popatlal’s room rings. When Bagha picks up the phone, Popatlal tells him this is my room. If the person in front hears someone else’s voice, then he will get suspicious. Bagha hangs up the phone.

Sanjana calls to Popatlal, so she says, phone got disconnected, is there any problem ? Deepti asks her to call again.

Again the phone rings, this time Popatlal picks up. Sanjana apologizes to Popatlal for talking rudely. She tells Popatlal, I told my father that you love me and want to get married and I left angry with you. Papa told me I will not get an honest and promising boy like you. Papa became very happy because he already knows you. Also read your Toofan Express. Papa wants to meet you today and talk about our marriage.

Popatlal asks when and where to meet your father ? Sanjana tells that we live next to the resort. Papa must be here as soon as possible, you come to the reception, I will introduce you to Papa. You bring your sister along with you because if you come with your family to ask for my hand, then there will be a good impression in front of my father. Sanjana tells Popatlal to come disguised as Rajmani or else your secret will be exposed. Popatlal says yes.

Popatlal tells everyone that Sanjana loves me and called me to meet her father to talk about marriage. Hearing this, everyone becomes happy and congratulates him.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 4th June 2021 Episode Written Update

Jethalal says that it may also happen that she has met with the black marketers of medicine and is taking you to meet her boss. Popatlal asks why are you feeling like this ? Jethalal says that Sanjana talked to her father in such a short time and the father also agreed to get her married. How can everything be done in 5 minutes ?

Bapuji says it may also happen that Sanjana is not associated with black marketers and really wants to marry you. Popatlal says if she is not associated then I will get married and if she is associated then my mission Kala Kauwa will be successful.

Bharti says if Sanjana is trapping you in her trap, then your life may be in danger. Popatlal says that whatever happens, I will make the mission Kala Kauwa successful.

Jethalal tells Popatlal you go but we will not let you go alone. We will follow you and keep an eye on you. Popatlal tells Bharti to take a spy pen. He leaves by taking Bapuji’s blessings.

Popatlal and Bharti come out and wait for Jethalal to come. Here Jethalal and Bagha leave to go. Bapuji says I will also come. Jethalal forbids him to come. He says that one will have to run there and those people are very dangerous, anything can happen there. Bapuji says that at this age I can run faster than you and do you consider me a coward ? If given a chance, I will even beat him up. All three of them come out.

Popatlal and Bharti go to the reception and Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha follow them. Popatlal and Bharti meet Sanjana. Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha sits by hiding their faces using the news paper.

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Deepti sees that Sanjana is not able to talk to Popatlal because of the Manager, so she sends the Manager from there, saying that there is a guest’s complaint.

Popatlal asks Sanjana where is Papa ? Sanjana tells that Papa has come to the resort. He is sitting in the room. I call him and tell I am bringing you to meet him. Popatlal says, What is the need of calling? Go straight to meet them. Sanjana says I will call him so that he is ready to meet you.

Sanjana calls the Main Boss and tells that journalist Popatlal has arrived. is standing in front of me. We are coming to meet you. Popatlal says I have to talk to Papa and he starts talking on the phone. Popatlal introduce himself and asks how are you ? The Main Boss speaks, I am very happy ever since a promising journalist like you has asked for my daughter’s hand.

Popatlal speaks, your voice sounds somewhat familiar. The Main Boss says that the voice of two people can sound the same on the phone. Come soon, I am waiting for you. Main boss asks Popatlal to give phone to Sanjana.

The Main Boss speaks to Sanjana, when Popatlal said my voice, it is heard. You may have to be alert that someone is following them. Sanjana says that it’s arrangements have also been made.

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Popatlal asks, what arrangements are made ? Sanjana tells that you are coming to talk about marriage, so I have arranged for food for you and Papa. Deepti places an under-maintenance board outside a lift.

Bharti asks Sanjana where to go to meet your father ? Sanjana tells that Papa is waiting for you people in room number 777. Popatlal asks on which floor room number 777 is located ? Sanjana tells on the seventh floor. Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha listen to all this.

The Main Boss calls a man and offers him to sell the last stock left with him for 90 crores. To finalize the deal, the Main Boss calls the man to Rang Tarang Resort at 6 pm.

Popatlal and Bharti accompany Sanjana to meet her father. Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha also follow them. Sanjana goes to the lift with Popatlal and Bharti but due to the second lift being under maintenance, Bapuji, Jethalal and Bagha go by the stairs.

Sanjana, Popatlal and Bharti talk about Sanjana’s father in the lift. On reaching the 7th floor, two men of black marketers enter the lift and feed Laddoos to Popatlal and Bharti.

Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha reach the 7th floor but the lift starts going down. They thinks of keeping an eye on Room 777.

In the next episode, if Popatlal and Bharti are kidnapped by black marketers. Now follow our articles to know what will happen next. Thank You.