June 22, 2021


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Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma - 3rd June 2021 Episode Written Update

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma - 3rd June 2021 Episode Written Update

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 3rd June 2021 Episode Written Update – Sanjana is ready to marry Popatlal – SAB TV Serial

In SAB TV‘s show Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 3rd June 2021 Episode Written Update, Sanjana says I had come here to take a surprise but you shocked me and why are you telling me this ? When Popatlal speaks, I will also tell that, before that the atmosphere will have to be created.

Popatlal whistles and a boat decorated with balloon comes over the water in the lake, some people play violin on it. Sanjana is very happy to see this.

Popatlal sits on his knee and expresses his love to Sanjana by giving rose flower. He tell Sanjana I Love You.

Popatlal says to Sanjana I love you and want to marry you. Sanjana tells him I want to slap you, I cannot marry you. Popatlal asks why ? Are you already married ? Sanjana says I am a Bachelorette. Popatlal says that you are also Bachelorette, I am also a virgin, the pair of both of us will fit very well.

Sanjana says, are you not ashamed to do all this, you are a senior journalist ? Popatlal speaks, then what happened, I also have a heart in my chest that beats for you. Journalist Popatlal will become Mr. Famous as soon as the sting operation is done and you will become Mrs. Famous as soon as you get married.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 3rd June 2021 Episode Written Update

Sanjana says that I do not want to be famous, I like simple life and I don’t want a husband who walks on the path of such dangers, I want a simple common man.

Sanjana starts leaving from there, she tells Popatlal, I will go to the resort and tell your truth to everyone. Popatlal speaks, you promised that you will not tell anyone. If you tell everyone then my mission will fail. Sanjana says I don’t care and she leaves from there.

Popatlal and Bharti follow her but Sanjana goes to the reception. Bharti asks Popatlal what happened ? Why did she suddenly leave in anger ? Popatlal tells that the whole plan has backfired. She refused to get married and has gone to the resort and will tell my reality to everyone. Bharti asks what will happen now ? Popatlal tells that if she tells everyone then our mission will be in danger.

Bharti asks Popatlal to change to Rajmani’s get up. Popatlal comes in the disguise of Rajmani. Bharti asks him now what to do next ? Popatlal says that before this whatever happened, let’s tell Jethalal.

Popatlal calls Jethalal. Jethalal asks what happened ? Popatlal says that all our bets have turned upside down and all this mess has happened because of Jethalal. Jethalal asks what did I do ? Popatlal says you all come to my room. No one should know, Come here by hiding .

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Sanjana goes to Deepti and says that our secret has been exposed. Journalist Popatlal has come to know a lot about our racket and dealings. Deepti asks who is the journalist Popatlal? Sanjana tells Rajmani. He is a journalist Popatlal in the disguise of Rajmani. Deepti gets shocked hearing this.

Sanjana tells that he himself has opened the secret of his mission in front of me. Sanjana tells her that Popatlal has come to do our sting operation and he also knows about our dealings and code words.

Deepti says that the boss will suppress the matter by giving him money or by intimidating him. Sanjana tells that he is not normal journalist, he is a very fearless and honest journalist. She shows Deepti articles written on the Internet about journalist Popatlal.

Popatlal and Bharti come from the front. Popatlal tells Sanjana don’t tell anyone about my daughter Chintamani’s relationship. It is very difficult to find a boy. If everyone comes to know, then someone will have a bad eye on the marriage. The boy can run away, the marriage can be cancel. Popatlal and Bharti leave from there.

Deepti says this Popatlal is very fast. He is roaming in front of our eyes since yesterday, yet we did not know. Sanjana asks her to call the boss.

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Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha are coming towards Popatlal’s room. Popatlal waiting for them in his room. Deepti calls the boss but his phone is engage.

Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha comes to Popatlal’s room. Jethalal asks what has gone wrong because of me ? Popatlal tells that your information turn out to be wrong. Sanjana is not married, she is a Bachelorette. Jethalal asks who told this ? Popatlal tells that Sanjana told.

Jethalal says she is a liar. Popatlal says she is a good girl. She is not met with black marketers. If she had met with him, after knowing my reality, she would have said yes to marriage to lure me. She didn’t do that. On the contrary, she left in anger and said that she would tell the management of the resort about my reality. Many people from management are involved with black marketers. If they come to know about me, they will run away and our mission will fail.

Bharti gives an idea. She says that we check out this resort as soon as possible. As soon as we left, they will feel that we got scared of them and ran away after canceling the mission.

Popatlal says that due to this those people will stay in this resort and we will be able to keep an eye on them by going to another resort. There will be no danger on us either. Before anyone comes to know about us. Get out from here.


Deepti calls the Main Boss. Deepti says how long have I been calling you but the phone was not connecting. The Main Boss tells that we are going to have a big deal today at 6 pm, I was talking about the same on the phone.

Deepti tells the Main Boss that journalist Popatlal has come to this resort to expose our racket. He has come to this resort as Rajmani and he know a lot about us. Bharti is also with him, whom he describes as his daughter Chintamani, she is his sister who is also a journalist.

The Main Boss asks that you had told that both are father and daughter and you do not have any doubt on them. Deepti tells that they have given ID cards of Rajmani and Chintamani, so I did not doubt them. I made a big mistake.

Main boss asks who told you this ? Deepti tells that journalist Popatlal himself told this to Sanjana when he came to propose her for marriage.

The Main Boss speaks, he does not know that Sanjana is with us. I knew that the drama of Sanjana’s bachelorhood would one day be of great benefit to us. That journalist was doing well till now but since the love band has been tied on his eyes, he has gone astray. His eyes have shifted from the floor. The Main Boss asks Sanjana to trap Popatlal in his trap.

In the next episode, Sanjana tells Popatlal I love you and invites him to meet her father to discuss about marriage. So now follow our articles to know what will happen next. Thank you.