June 22, 2021


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Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma - 2nd June 2021 Episode Written Update

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma - 2nd June 2021 Episode Written Update

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 2nd June 2021 Episode Written Update – Sanjana rejected Popatlal’s love proposal – SAB TV Serials

In SAB TV‘s show Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 2nd June 2021 Episode Written Update, Popatlal tells Jethalal that you have done a tremendous job by catching Sanjana’s lie. You have found the way to reach the black marketer.

Bapuji says that Sanjana has only hidden the matter, she is married, this doesn’t proves that she is in collusion with the black marketer.

Popatlal speaks that Sanjana is the receptionist, she stays at the reception throughout the day. She gets to know who is coming to the resort? who is going ? Who lives in resort because she feeds all the information in the computer. The black marketer is very clever, he has thoughtfully placed Sanjana at the reception.

Popatlal says that Sanjana is not alone, there are definitely some other people associated with her whom we do not know. Bagha says we call the police, they will get everything from Sanjana. Jethalal says that Sanjana is not so naive lady that will tell everything with a slap from the police. Popatlal says if the police come, our game will be turned upside down. The black marketer will be alert and will run away from here and will never fall in our hands again.

Popatlal says I have made a plan. There is no other way to reach the black marketers. Neither we have code word nor any connection, only Sanjana. We have to make Sanjana as our way to reach black marketer.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 2nd June 2021 Episode Written Update

Popatlal tells his plan to everyone. He says that by this we will know whether Sanjana is really married or she is lying to go to Maldives and whether she is associated with black marketers or not. Bapuji tells Popatlal that your life is in danger in this plan. Popatlal says that this is the last chance to catch the black marketers, I will risk my life.

Bharti tells Popatlal that there is danger in this plan. Popatlal asks Bharti to go back to Mumbai but Bharti says I came with you from Mumbai and will go back with you too. I will not leave you alone.

Bapuji says that we will all secretly go after Popatlal. Popatlal says if you all follow me then you will be caught. You all have to survive to save me. Do what I am saying at this time. I will keep giving you every moment information.

Popatlal tells Bharti what to do. He takes the blessings of Bapuji to make the mission Kala Kauwa successful.

Popatlal tells Bharti to call Sanjana. Bharti calls Sanjana and says that my father has become very impressed with nature and by your work, always praises you. He wants to surprise you.

Sanjana says that there will be a gift in surprise and we are not allowed to take such gift from a guest. I can’t take your gift. Bharti says if you take a gift, then my father will like it very much. Sanjana asks but where should i come ? Bharti says that you have to come near the lake restaurant.

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Sanjana says that I cannot leave the reception at the time of duty. You surprise me by coming to this reception. Bharti says that we cannot surprise you alone in front of the whole staff, they will feel bad, so you come to the lake restaurant for 10 minutes. Sanjana says yes to come. Popatlal and Bharti become very happy.

Popatlal calls Jethalal and tells that Sanjana agreed to meet me. Everyone is very happy. Popatlal takes blessings from Bapuji. Bagha and Jethalal wishes him All The Best. Bharti sends Popatlal to get ready.

Bharti waits for Sanjana near the lake restaurant. Sanjana comes there and asks Bharti where is your father ? Bharti tells that he has gone to get ready. My father is a surprise. Sanjana says how can your father be a surprise ? I didn’t understand anything. Bharti says you will know everything in a while. Bharti takes Sanjana with her to the lovers bridge.

Sanjana says I have to go back to the reception, where is your father ? I don’t have much time. Bharti says there is my father.

Popatlal comes there well prepared. He tells his name to Sanjana. Sanjana says sorry I did not recognize you. Have we met before ? Popatlal tells that since yesterday we have met many times in your Rang Tarang resort. Sanjana says I can’t remember when we have met ? Popatlal says by putting on Rajmani’s wig, I am Rajmani and I am Popatlal.

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Popatlal says I am a journalist. Sanjana asks if you are a journalist then what are you doing in our resort in disguise ? Popatlal says, I tell everything but you promise you will not tell this to anyone. Bharti says, ask her to swear not promise. Sanjana says I will not take any promise or oath. Popatlal says that I have full faith in Sanjana, she will not tell our secret to anyone.

Sanjana says I will not tell anyone but what is the secret ? Popatlal tells that due to corona epidemic some people are doing black marketing of medicine, injection and oxygen cylinder and according to the information I got, all their dealings are happening in your resort, so I have come to expose them by sting operation.

Sanjana asks but why have you come in disguise ? Popatlal tells that if I do not change the disguise, then those people run away in fear of me and never come in my hand, so we had to change disguise.

In the next episode, Popatlal will express his love to Sanjana by giving rose flower but Sanjana will reject his love proposal. Now follow our articles to know what will happen next. Thank You.