June 22, 2021


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Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 28th May 2021 Episode Written Update – Bapuji and Bagha will expose Deepti’s real face – SAB TV Serials

SAB TV‘s show Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 28th May 2021 Episode Written Update, Jethalal asks Popatlal do you know who is the men of black marketer ? Popatlal tells him I do not know. Bapuji speaks, how do you know he is keeping an eye on us ? Popatlal tells that when Hathi Bhai fell in the swimming pool, his beard mustache had come out, the Main Boss had know that, there is someone in this resort who is giving information to him.

Jethalal asks Popatlal if you have any doubt about who is watching over us, if we know, then we can keep an eye on him. Bharti tells that when Hathi Bhai fell in the swimming pool, Waiter Mukesh was there. Popatlal says that Mukesh comes in front in the resort again and again.

Waiter Mukesh brings a drink for Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha and asks Popatlal will you take anything ? Popatlal speaks, take small plum juice for me. Waiter speaks there is no such juice, but I will try. Popatlal thinks of keeping an eye on him.

Deepti comes there and speaks to all of them. It is great to see you have met for the first time in this resort and got mixed up in such a way that you know each other for years.

Popatlal speaks that we have met for the first time in this resort but there has been so much friendship that now this friendship is going to change in relationship. There is talk of relation is going on for my daughter Chintamani with Bageshwar. Deepti goes away by saying congratulations.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 28th May 2021 Episode Written Update

Jethalal speaks, we would like to keeping an eye on her, she always comes to meet. Is she even the khabri of black marketer ? Popatlal speaks, she is nice. Bharti speaks, she always helps everyone.

Bagha speaks, who else ? Bharti says that Bachelorette girl Sanjana ? Popatlal speaks, she is Bachelorette ? Bapuji says she is a Bachelorette, is she cannot do wrong things?

The Manager comes there and calls Popatlal as Papa. Popatlal tells him don’t call me Papa. Manager asks, are you all enjoying ? Can I send you some drink ? Popatlal tells that we have ordered. The Manager says to think about me. Popatlal tells him to meet Bagha, my daughter Chintamani going to have relation with Bageshwar. The Manager leaves from there. Popatlal speaks, I doubt this manager the most.

Bagha says we have to check four people. Manager, Deepti, waiter and Sanjana, the receptionist. Popatlal speaks, why are you taking Sanjana’s name ? She does not even talk to anyone. Standing at reception all day. She never follow us.

Bapuji says I and Bagha go and talk to Deepti. Popatlal speaks, I and Bharati goes to Waiter Mukesh, he considers me astrologer anyway. Jethalal says I speaks to the Manager. Popatlal speaks, after checking everyone, we will meet in the garden restaurant and make a plan ahead.

Popatlal and Bharti going to find the waiter at the restaurant. So the waiter comes from behind and gives a voice. Popatlal tells, I have become old, do not give such a voice from behind, if my heart is failed, then who will tell your future. Waiter speaks after this, will give you voice from ahead.

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The Waiter asks Popatlal to see his future. Popatlal speaks, to show how much strength is there in my astrology, first you bring a dish of food and bring it covered, I will tell without seeing what is in it. The waiter goes to fetch a dish of food.

Bharti asks Popatlal, how do you know what he is going to bring ? Popatlal tells that the only thing that can be made in such a hotel is sandwich and he will bring the same. Bharti says that it can happen that he can bring what is ready to replace on the sandwich.

The waiter brings the sandwich and Popatlal recognizes it. The waiter gets very impressed by seeing the astrology of Popatlal. Bharti says how hard he works, how much he care about us, tell him about his future.

The waiter puts his hand forward and asks to tell his future. Popatlal speaks, leave your hands and looking at your forehead, I can tell you what you are and what is going to happen with you.

Popatlal speaks, I can not tell your future is very terrible. Can not tell in front of everyone. The waiter speaks there is no one there. There you can tell my future comfortably.

Waiter asks Popatlal, what have you seen ? Popatlal tells that you earn money by working in black marketing. You do medicine work. The waiter says I don’t do anything like this. I work in a resort. I have nothing to do with medicine.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma Cast

Popatlal speaks, do not lie, this hotel is all pretend, your real job is to do black marketing with the black marketers. You will get money in the work you are doing but you will get curse more than money, So make atonement. Tell me or the police all the truth. You will get punishment but you survive later. Walk on the path of honesty, You will definitely get success one day in life.

The waiter says you’re looking at something different. This cannot be my future I swear by my mother and I swear by my younger sister, I don’t do such thing. If I had to do the wrong thing, why would I do this waiter’s job ? Why do I serve the people ? Why do people pick up people’s glass and plates ? I do not have to do dishonest work, I eat bread of honesty. You have made a mistake, please see my future again.

Popatlal sees his forehead again and tells that if you keep working with this hard work, one day, you will be a big man. With this honesty, you will have such a big resort in 2034. Waiter tells him this is my dream for which I am working hard. I will never do wrong things.

Bharti says he is honest. Popatlal speaks that he is not working with the black marketing people. Manger or Deepti one of them is working with black marketer.

Bapuji and Bagha looking for Deepti, they does not see her.

In the next episode, Bapuji and Bagha will talk to Deepti about the black marketing of medicine. Follow our articles to know what will happen next. Thank You.