June 22, 2021


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Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 27th May 2021 Episode Written Update – Popatlal made a new plan to reach the black marketer – SAB TV Serials

SAB TV‘s show Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 27th May 2021 Episode Written Update, Bhide thinks Popatlal was talking to the Manager of the resort for the deal of Aachar and Papad, but he has not made a call yet. He calls to Popatlal to remind about the Deal.

Popatlal tells him I’m busy right now. When the time comes, I will get your deal done. Bhide asks when I call you, when will you be free ? Popatlal speaks, I will call you myself until you do not call me.

Popatlal and Bharti wait for Jethalal’s arrival. Jethalal is going to his room when Bharti says we talk to him. Popatlal speaks if we talk to him here, people will know about us. We go to our room and talk.

Jethalal comes to his room. Bapuji asks what happened there ? Jethalal tells that I met Michael and told him the code word but he did not give any response after hearing the code word. Bapuji asks what have you told the code word ? Jethalal tells Cash Hai to Aish Hai. Bagha and Bapuji speak, the code word is absolutely correct, then why did he not give any response ?

Bagha speaks Popatbhai had said that after the incident of Hathi Bhai, those people have been alert, so it might possible they have changed their code word. Bapuji says this can happen. Bapuji tells Jethalal to call Popatlal.

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Jethalal gets a call from Popatlal. Popatlal asks Jethalal, have you meet Michael ? Jethalal tells I met Michael. Popatlal asks, is the meeting of the medicine and injection deal fixed ? Jethalal tells that nothing is fixed ? Popatlal asks have you messed up ? Jethalal speaks, I have not messed up. I met Michael and told him the code word Cash Hai To Aish Hai but he did not give any response.

Popatlal asks, I gave you the address you went to and met Michael ? Jethalal says you sent me I met the same Michael. Popatlal speaks, I think you have met someone else, considering Michael.

Popatlal asks Jethalal, I gave you the camera pen did you recorded in it ? Jethalal speaks, I had pressed the button of recording as soon as I got there. Popatlal asks to send Bagha with the pen to the garden behind the resort, from where Bharti will take the pen.

Bagha comes to the garden with the pen and goes after putting it down. Bharti comes back to the room with a pen. Popatlal and Bharti see on the laptop, it is the same Michael and Jethalal also told the correct code word. He understands that they have a clue that someone is behind them.

Popatlal calls Jethalal and tells that you have met the right Michael and you have also told the code word correctly. This means they may have changed the code word. After the incident of Hathi Bhai, they have become even more cautious. Jethalal asks what to do next ? Popatlal speaks, I call you after thinking something.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 27th May 2021 Episode Written Update

Bharti tells Popatlal that our mission can fail. Popatlal speaks, I will not let this mission fail. Bharti says what we can do, we do not even have a new code word. Popatlal says I can get a new code word from my Khabri.

Popatlal calls Khabri and tells that the black marketers have changed their code word, so find our the new code word. The Khabri tells that finding new code word is not so easy. He tells how the first code word was learned, when two men were drinking tea and they were talking about code word, but now how can he find them ? Therefore the new code word cannot be known.

Popatlal calls Jethalal and tells I thought a lot but nothing is coming in my mind, so let’s think together. He tells Jethalal to come to the swimming pool with Bapuji and Bagha.

Jethalal and Bagha sits Bapuji in a tire and push him over the water. The waiter asks them if you feel very hungry after swimming, then can I prepare breakfast ? Bagha orders him a snack and a drink.

Bagha speaks to Jethalal that I ordered so much then no one doubt on us. When people come to the resort to roam, they order so much food, then people will feel that we have come to roam, we do not have any agenda.

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Popatlal comes there and asks Jethalal that we do not have a new code word or any connection, so what to do next ? Jethalal speaks who has reached you here and ask him. Popatlal tells my khabri gives me this information. I asked him if you have any new news, he refused.

Jethalal speaks what to do now ? Bagha speaks swimming and let’s goes home. Popatlal speaks that under any circumstances the mission has to be completed. Bapuji gets angry. Waiter asks any problem ? Jethalal tells him that instead of paying attention here, pay attention to our order. Popatlal tells Bapuji to be calm.

Popatlal speaks, I think the black marketer has stayed in this resort and his men are keeping an eye on everyone.

In the next episode, Bapuji and Bagha talk to Deepti and Popatlal and Bharti talk to waiter Mukesh and Jethalal talk to Manager to get the information about black marketer, so now follow our articles to know what will happen next. Thank You.