September 19, 2021


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Champak Chachaji grabbed the party sharty bag

Champak Chachaji grabbed the party sharty bag

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 23rd July 2021 Episode Written Update – Champak Chachaji grabbed the party sharty bag – SAB TV Serials

In SAB TV‘s show Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 23rd July 2021 Episode Written Update,¬†Champak Chachaji asks Bagha, how did you dare to party sharty? Jethalal says that he has not done party sharty, he is allergic. Champak Chachaji says that you are innocent, you do not understand anything.

Iyer asks how is Jethalal innocent? Champak Chachaji says that Bagha has already done party sharty in the godown under the guise of cold drink. Jethalal says that Bagha has never done party sharty.

Champak Chachaji tells that the smell of party sharty is coming from his mouth and you are saying that he is allergic. Now we will not be kept Bagha in the shop and will be removed from Gada Electronics. I will punish it severely.

Bhide says that now he is not conscious, so what is the use of punishing him? When he comes to his senses then Spanish him. Hathi Bhai says take him to the room. Champak Chachaji says that no one will take him anywhere. Brings him to his senses so that we can know how he has done party sharty? Bhide and Mehta Saab pray to God.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 23rd July 2021 Episode Written Update

Hathi Bhai says that Bagha is feeling sleepy, let’s take him to the room. Jethalal says that tomorrow he will be conscious, then ask him. Champak Chachaji says I have to ask him now. He splashes water to Bagha’s face and brings him to his senses.

Anjali asks him showing 2 fingers how much is this? Bagha speaks one thousand one hundred eleven. Mehta Saab says leave all this, now we have only one treatment. Go to the room and put him to sleep. Champak Chachaji says if you put him to sleep without asking, I will not sleep. How did he do a party shorty with all of us? It has to be brought to the senses now.

Sodhi and Bhide say it is difficult to bring him into his senses right now. At the same time, the Manager and Mukesh come there. The Manager says don’t worry we have a cure for this. Whenever a guest is overdrinking, we give him an Ayurvedic decoction. The Manager gives Bagha the Ayurvedic decoction to drink.

Champak Chachaji asks the Manager, what kind of resort is this if you give your guest a bottle of party sharty? The Manager says that no one gets anything without order in our resort. Champak Chachaji asks the men, did any of you order? Everyone says that we have not given the order.

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To see whether the decoction had an effect on Bagha or not, Anjali again shows him two fingers but Bagha gives the wrong answer. All the men speak to take Bagha to the room.

The Manager says don’t worry sir we also have an ayurvedic tablet which is more powerful than a decoction. He asks Bagha to take the pill but Bagha refuses so Champak Chachaji forcefully feeds him. With that, Bagha becomes the same as before. Ladies ask him questions, to which Bagha answers.

Champak Chachaji asks Bagha what happened to you? what did you drink? Bagha speaks, I don’t know. I accidentally ate Sethji’s spicy Paneer Chilli, then I could not get water, so I drank a cold drink. Champak Chachaji asks if you drank a cold drink, then why were you doing such antics? Was there anything mixed in the cold drink? Bagha says I don’t know, I drank a cold drink considering it to be a cold drink.

The Manager says, with the bottle we can tell what was mixed in that bottle? Jethalal says that Bagha drank the entire liquid from that bottle, if there was anything left, then you can tell by drinking whether something is mixed in it or not. Everyone says let it go. Champak Chachaji speaks, we have to find out what was it in the cold drink that caused Bagha’s condition?

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Mukesh tells it seems that I have made a mistake. The other restaurant in our resort, they keep party sharty already mixed in cold drink and I brought cold drink from the same for your dinner party. Maybe I got that remix bottle by mistake and maybe he drank the same bottle.

Jethalal says that it doesn’t matter that a person makes a mistake sometimes but after making a mistake, admitting a mistake is a big deal. Mukesh says forgive me. Everyone says you have forgiven.

Bagha also apologizes to everyone, so everyone forgives him too. Mehta Saab says to go to the room and eat food, but Champak Chachaji says that we will all have food together. Everyone goes to have dinner.

In the next episode, Champak Chachaji will get a bag of Jethalal’s party sharty. Now follow our articles to know what will happen next. Thank You.