August 5, 2021


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Gokuldham men's party Shaarti at Rangtarang Resort

Gokuldham men's party Shaarti at Rangtarang Resort

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 22nd June 2021 Episode Written update – Gokuldham men’s party Shaarti at Rangtarang Resort – SAB TV Serials

In SAB TV‘s show Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 22nd June 2021 Episode Written update, Doctor Hathi and Goli were dancing. Bhide asks them why are you dancing? But they don’t tell. Komal comes there and asks why are you dancing? Still, Doctor Hathi does not tell anything.

Doctor Hathi asks Komal to bring whatever sweets she has in the house. Bhide asks what is the matter? Doctor Hathi says it is such a thing that you will be stunned to hear and this would not have happened even in your time.

Komal brings sweets. Bhide feeds sweets to Doctor Hathi and asks him to tell the story. Doctor Hathi tells that Popatlal, I and Jethabhai passed in mission Kala Kauwa. Bhide asks what is mission Kala Kauwa? Doctor Hathi tells that the mission Kala Kauwa was started by Popatlal in Rangtarang resort.

Bhide asks Doctor Hathi to explain in detail. Doctor Hathi tells that Popatlal and all of us together have caught those who do black marketing of medicines. The sting operation we did is successful. Bhide asks whom you caught? how did you catch it? and why caught? Tell me the whole thing. Doctor Hathi speaks that Popatlal will tell in his stormy tongue.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 22nd June 2021 Episode Written update

Madhavi calls Bhide and hurriedly calls him home. She tells that such news is showing on TV about Popatbhai and seeing that you will also start dancing. Bhide asks what is such news that I will start dancing after seeing it? Madhavi tells that Rita reporter is coming on TV and she is speaking so well for our Popatlalbhai so you came home quickly.

Rita reporter gives news on TV that Popatlal with his honesty, intelligence and with the people of Gokuldham, exposed the racket of black marketing of medicine, injection and vaccines. He did a sting operation of Madanlal, the main agent of black marketing by risking his life and captured his crimes in his camera.

Bhide and Madhavi get very happy after hearing this news. Bhide is proud of Popatlal, Doctor Hathi and Jethalal who succeeded in the mission Kala Kauwa. Madhavi tells Bhide to call Popatlal and congratulate him. Bhide calls him but his phone is busy.

Madhavi says that Popatlalbhai has done such a great job, So if we all go together to congratulate him at Rangtarang Resort? Bhide starts thinking about the expenses. Madhavi says if we all go then expenses will be divided. Bhide gets ready to go to Rangtarang resort with everyone.

Popatlal and Bharti get lots of congratulations calls from the big journalists. They both become very happy. Bharti says we have become famous. Popatlal tells her the first rule of journalism is to do good work and forget it or else pride will come and you will not be able to do good work in future.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma Cast

Popatlal asks Bharti to write a report about the mission. The Editor of Toofan Express calls Popatlal and says that you and Bharti have done a great job. He rewards Popatlal for publishing the marriage advertisement for free in Toofan Express for 1 year. The Editor is very happy with Popatlal’s work and asks him to send the mission’s report.

Popatlal calls Guddu and says that the mission Kala Kauwa has been successful. Black marketer Madanlal and his accomplices were caught. Guddu gets very happy. Popatlal is very proud of him because he has a lot of honesty and patriotism.

Bharti tells Popatlal to go for dinner. Popatlal starts calling Jethalal. Here Bagha and Jethalal talk about how colourful the Rangtarang resort looks at night. Bagha talks to roam around the resort tomorrow morning and Jethalal gets ready to roam. Popatlal calls Jethalal and invites him to have dinner at the restaurant.

In the next episode, all the men of Gokuldham are thinking of having a party sharty at Rangtarang Resort. Now follow our articles to know what will happen next. Thank You.