August 5, 2021


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Party sharty's plan reveals because of Bagha

Party sharty's plan reveals because of Bagha

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 20th July 2021 Episode Written Update – Party sharty’s plan reveals because of Bagha – SAB TV Serials

In SAB TV‘s show Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 20th July 2021 Episode Written Update, After the Tappu Sena, all the Gokuldham people come to party. Mukesh mixes a party sharty bottle into a cold drink bottle with a red lid.

Jethalal gestures to Sodhi and asks are all the preparations done? Sodhi says everything is ready. Ladies asked what is the preparation for? Madhavi asks Bhide what is the preparation for? Bhide asks Sodhi, then Sodhi tells that preparation for the party, preparations for dinner.

Iyer speaks preparation for song and preparation of the disco. Jethalal asks who is going to sing the song? Iyer says how can I sing a song? What if someone got in the mood after drinking? Jethalal says if someone has a mood after eating and drinking.

Sodhi speaks, the music is also ready, today we will be able to make a splash, you will be able to bhangra. Madhavi says that today only do Bhangra Roshan Bhabhi’s call came, she has said to take special care of Sodhi Bhai and don’t do party sharty. Anjali speaks and our husband should not even sit with him. Komal speaks anybody do party sharty while we are there.

Mehta Saab says no party will do party sharty. Sodhi thinks in his mind how naive these people are, what do they know, we will do party sharty in front of them and they will not even know.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 20th July 2021 Episode Written Update

Bhide tells everyone to sit for dinner. Everyone sits at the table and gives the starter’s order. Everyone’s food comes but Tappu, Sonu, Goli and Bapuji’s food does not come.

Gogi orders cold drinks after the food arrives. Sodhi tells to give cold drinks to the kids. Mehta Saab tells Mukesh to give cold drinks carefully don’t do any mess.

Anjali asks what will go wrong in this? Mehta Saab tells that we open the bottle of cold drink and when we close it after serving it, many times it does not close well and the gas goes out. After the gas is out, there is no fun of cold drink, so I was saying that there should not do any mess.

Mehta Saab tells Mukesh to first open only one bottle and serve cold drinks to the children and everyone from it. Opening a bottle later so that its gas remains. Sodhi tells Mukesh that after giving cold drinks to the children, give us cold drinks too.

While eating his food, Bagha accidentally eats paneer chilly ordered by Jethalal, which he finds very spicy. At the same time, the dish ordered by Tappu arrives, while serving, the waiter fires on it, seeing that Bapuji starts running away shouting fire and everyone shouts and stands away.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma Cast

Bagha finds it very spicy so he is drinking a whole cold drink from a bottle with a red lid. Abdul shows everyone that Bagha is destroying the bottle of the entire party Sharty but no one can say anything. Seeing that Jethalal shouts, Bapuji says that he is just drinking a cold drink, why are you shouting so much in it. Jethalal tells him he has allergies.

After drinking the entire bottle, Bagha becomes straight and his hands are also straightened. Bagha asks the DJ to play the songs and starts dancing. Bapuji asks Jethalal what happened to Bagha? Jethalal tells that it is happening due to allergy. Bapuji says that is it happens only because of allergy? Have you ever seen this before?

Jethalal tells that we had ordered mixed bhajis in Godown, out of which he ate spicy chilli and drank cold drink on it, then same happened to him.

In the next episode, all the Gokuldhamwalas are looking for the Bagha but who is sitting on top. Now follow our articles to know what will happen next. Thank You.