August 5, 2021


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Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 18th March 2021 Episode Written Update – Parents asks Bhide for discount in tuition fees – SAB TV Serials

SAB TV‘s popular show Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 18th March 2021 Episode Written Update, When the Tappu Sena comes to the club house, they worry about the online class of Bhide uncle. Sonu says that while taking an online class, different voices come from everyone’s home. Sometimes due to the quarrel in the house and sound of TV, Bhide uncle and student are very disturbed.

All children worry that all things will go online. Goli says that because of coming online everyone started playing online instead of playing with each other. If the marriage starts happening online, what will happen to the food, then it cannot be online, will it not? There were so many counters of food in marriage, how much it was fun.

Pinku says if everyone is online then our canteen will be able to watch our friends online only.

Gogi speaks today is Corona, tomorrow his brother will come to Torona, then his brother Forona will come, it will continue to work.

Tappu assures everyone that nothing will happen soon, this corona will be gone from the world. Sonu speaks, we just have to take care and increase immunity.

After that all the children start playing cricket tournament and whoever wins will take the condition of taking them home for breakfast.

Here Sodhi’s friend won the singing compitition in Punjab, so Sodhi is very happy and does Bhangra. Roshan Bhabhi pacifies Sodhi by telling her that she wants peace for Bhide Bhai’s online class.

SAB TV’s Serials Written Update

Sodhi tells Roshan that like Bhide my work was online, I would stay at home all day and work from home. Roshan Bhabhi starts sending Garage to Sodhi.

In this way Abdul comes home and tells Sodhi that the shop will remain closed after 9 o’clock tonight, if you have to do a party shorty then do it at home. Roshan speaks which party then goes away from there with Sodhi Abdul.

While Bhide is taking out notes for online class, he tells Madhavi Bhabhi that the exam is on the head and the children have no interest in studies. Madhavi sister-in-law says that you are taking hundred percent effort or if the children do not study, what can you do? Bhide says, I am a teacher, I have to read them after reading behind the children.

In this way, Jiya’s parents come to the house. Jiya’s parents ask us to give some discount in the remaining fees. Bhide says, I am taking online classes, sometimes the internet connection is cut, so the children have to study again, in such a way that my efforts are also getting doubled. My fee is also same as it was last year. I cannot offer any discount in fees. Jia’s parents tell that all the work is being done through the internet, so the cost of the plan has increased. Our old laptop was spoiled, so we had to take a new one and 30% of the bowl is being made in the salary too. Therefore, understand our helplessness.

Bhide says to Jiya’s parents that you give as much as you want to pay. Jiya’s parents go by saying thank you to Bhide.

Today Bhide says to Madhavi that in the online class, the children troubled me a lot. Madhavi sister-in-law says that if we go to the house of Mehta Saab and chat then you will feel good.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 18th March 2021 Episode Written Update

Here Jethalal eats too much food sent to the Padmavati restaurant, so his condition worsens. Then Bapuji lets him eat the powder.

Jethalal goes to Abdul’s shop to drink soda, seeing the shop closed, he calls and asks Mehta Saab. Mehta Saab tells him that Abdul has gone out so his shop is closed.

Mehta says to help Anjali because of the closure of Saab Abdul’s shop and tie the bridge in praise of Anjali. Jethalal comes home at this time.

Mehta Saab asks Jethalal, didn’t you really know Abdul’s shop is closed? Jethalal speaks, I really did not know that this is all Bhide’s fault, nor did he want to write on the notice board.

So Bhide and Madhavi sister come there. Bhide speaks with Jethalal, has written on the notice board but you have not read it is your fault. Jethalal starts to show Bhide’s mistake, so Bhide starts going with anger.

Jethalal asks Madhavi’s sister-in-law what has happened to Bhide today? Madhavi Bhabhi tells that because of online class she is upset.

In the next episode, Bhide tells everyone that in the online class, children do not pay attention to their studies, then Jethalal tells him that if he gets scared due to ragging on the children, then follow our articles to know what will happen next. Thank you.