August 5, 2021


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Bagha accidentally drank alcohol

Bagha accidentally drank alcohol

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 18th July 2021 Episode Written Update – Bagha accidentally drank alcohol – SAB TV Serials

In SAB TV‘s show Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 18th July 2021 Episode Written Update, Tappu defeats Gogi and Goli in the snooker. Gogi asks Tappu can the water ever go up without support? Tappu tells that the water gets heated by the rays of the Sun and vaporizes on the top and becomes a cloud. When two clouds collide, it comes down as rain.

Bapuji comes to call the children for a walk. Sonu asks him how energetic are you? Bapuji says that my heart always wants to do new things. Makes to learn new things. I love to eat new things, so my heart is always happy. Tappu Sena decides to eat something new for dinner at night, so they become very happy.

Mehta Saab is in tension about party sharty. Anjali asks is there some tension, boss? Mehta Saab makes excuses, I told the boss that I am taking a leave of 2 days but the boss is saying that the work is urgent, do this. It will take 2 hours to do the work.

Anjali says work first. You work, I will stay here and go to dinner later. I come after speaking to Madhavi Bhabhi, we will come late for dinner. Mehta Saab stops Anjali and says that I have told the boss that work will be done later, now I have come to spend time with Anjali. Mehta Saab and Anjali go for dinner.

Bhide and Madhavi are ready for dinner. Bhide is in a lot of tension for the party sharty. He tells Madhavi that I will be busy in enjoy with my friends of Gokuldham, so do not interrupt me again and again. Message or call me, we will talk. Madhavi says yes.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 18th July 2021 Episode Written Update

Hathi Bhai says to Komal, the more people there are, the more variety there will be in eating and drinking. Komal ask what will be the variety in drinking? Hathi Bhai speaks there is variety in drinking too mocktail, juice, lassi and cold drink. Komal asks are you planning to organize a party sharty, are you?

Hathi Bhai says that someone must be a lunatic who will make a plan of party sharty among so many people. Hathi Bhai gets tensed thinking of party sharty. They both go for dinner.

Jethalal is thinking about party sharty. Bagha asks Jethalal what are you thinking? Jethalal says that if all the preparations for the party have been done then it is good. Bagha asks him now are we going to dinner or going to the party? Jethalal says that for us, dinner is a kind of party.

Bapuji asks them to go for dinner. Bagha tells Jethalal and Bapuji that I am an employee and you have brought me to such a big resort, so thank you.

Jethalal asks Bagha to stay with Bapuji for dinner. Bapuji asks him where are you going? Jethalal says that I will stay with my friends, that’s why I said. Bapuji says that I will stay with my friend Tappu Sena.

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Jethalal tells Bapuji that after dinner we all friends will chat, so I will be late, don’t wait for me. I will sleep in Popatlal’s or Sodhi’s room.
All three of them go for dinner.

Sodhi and Iyer go to Popatlal’s room with party sharty items and from there take Jethalal’s brought bottle to waiter Mukesh. Sodhi asks him to get the cold drink bottle with a red lid and the cold drink bottle with blue lid. Out of this, he asks to mix party sharty items in the bottle with the Red lid. With a bottle with a red lid, he will make a party sharty and with a bottle with a blue lid, everyone else will drink cold drinks.

Popatlal tells Mukesh, don’t make any mess or else we will not be able to show our face to anybody. Abdul comes there and asks why will you not be able to show your face? And what’s in this bag? Why are you hiding? Sodhi swears by placing his hand on the bottle of soda that you will not tell anyone what we are telling you. Abdul swears he will not tell anyone.

Popatlal reveals his entire plan to Abdul by showing him a bottle of party sharty. Mukesh starts mixing the cold drink bottle with another bottle, at the same time Tapu Sena and Gokuldham’s people come there. Mukesh mixes another bottle in the cold drink bottle.

In the next episode, Bagha will drink the whole bottle of the red lid for the party sharty and gets a hangover. Now follow our articles to know what happens next. Thank You.