June 22, 2021


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Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma - 11th June 2021 Episode Written Update

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma - 11th June 2021 Episode Written Update

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 11th June 2021 Episode Written Update – Inspector Chalu Pandey got suspicious on Madanlal – SAB TV Serials

In SAB TV‘s show, Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 11th June 2021 Episode Written Update, While running, Bapuji‘s foot gets stuck in the tracks of the resort’s toy train. Bagha comes there and tries to take out his leg but the leg does not come out. In the meantime, the toy train starts coming there, so both of them get scared. To take out Bapuji’s leg, Bagha tickles him and Bapuji’s foot goes off the track.

Bapuji and Bagha are very happy. At the same time, the goon comes from behind, so Bapuji and Bagha run away separately. Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha start looking for each other.

Black marketer’s man says enough time pass now I press the button. Bharti starts crying loudly. That man says did I press the button? I was getting bored so I joked. Bharti says if you want to play, you can play ludo, can you play antakshari, why are you playing with our life? Popatlal asks that man, what is the time? He tells that the time of your death is coming very near.

Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha run away and hide in the same place and meet each other. Bagha speaks, I thought both of you must have been caught but everyone survived, so they thanks, God. At the same time, those goons come and catch all three.

Jethalal tells Bagha you have a black tongue, you spoke and we were caught. Bagha says if you think we have been caught by my words, then I say we will be released soon.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 11th June 2021 Episode Written Update

Inspector Chalu Pandey comes to the resort to nab the black marketers of medicines. Deepti sees the police, she feels that Jethalal has told the police about the deal, so police have come to the resort.

Deepti calls the Main Boss and tells that Jethalal has told the police about our meeting, so the police have come to the resort to arrest us. Get out of here fast.

The Main Boss tells that the cash has come in the account and their goods have also gone out. You and Sanjana also leave the resort. Deepti asks what to do with those three? He says leave those three and tell Tony also to get out of here in a hurry, none of our men should be caught.  The main boss leaves with client Rajabhai to leave the resort.

The goons tie Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha with a rope. Deepti calls Tony and tells him that the police have come to the resort and run away quickly. All the goons run away, so Jethalal feels that something has gone wrong. Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha free themselves from the rope and go to the reception to call the police.

Inspector Chalu Pandey comes to the reception with his police constable. Waiter Mukesh sees Police hiding and starts running. Inspector Chalu Pandey tells his police constable to catch him. The constables catch Mukesh.

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Inspector Chalu Pandey asks him why were you running after seeing us? Mukesh tells that in childhood, my mother has scared me a lot in the name of police to eat and drink, so I am very afraid of you. Inspector Chalu Pandey says that we policemen are also very soft-hearted.

Inspector Chalu Pandey asks where is the manager? At the same time, the Manager comes there. Chalu Pandey asks the Manager, you said on the phone that some people doing black marketing of medicines are staying here. The Manager tells that some guests are staying here whose behaviour is disturbed, it seems from their words that they do black marketing of medicines.

Inspector Chalu Pandey asks if you have heard his words. What were those people talking about? The Manager tells that those people had come under the pretext of 200 TVs and fridge, then they were asking me to give commission and also asking me to do black marketing of medicines.

Chalu Pandey says that those people were asking you to be involved in the black marketing of medicines, so did you get involved? The Manager says that I had called you. If I were involved, why would I call you? Chalu Pandey says I am impressed.

The Manager says I have seen them running here and there. I have full doubt about them. Inspector Chalu Pandey asks how many men are they? The Manager tells that there are 3 men. Chalu Pandey asks how is their appearance? The Manager tells their details.

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Inspector Chalu Pandey asks the Manager where are those people? The Manager tells that they will be in the resort itself. Chalu Pandey takes the Manager along and sets out to find him.

Here Popatlal tells Bharti, as long as this man of Madan is here, it is impossible for us to run away from here. Bharti says that a tremendous idea has come from my mind to get it out of here. Bharti starts eating sneeze.

The black marketer’s man tells Bharti to eat as much as you want. This move of yours is not going to affect me because one I have taken the vaccine of corona and secondly we are on social distancing. Bharti says this is not my trick. I have been in the water for so long that’s why I am sneezing. You bring me medicine. That man says that where you are going now, you will not need medicine, but you will need a blessing.

Inspector Chalu Pandey goes to the gate of the resort and tells the security guard that no one should go out from here. Madanlal and Rajabhai are coming out of the resort.

In the next episode, Madanlal and Rajabhai see the police and they keep on laughing so that they do not suspect, but Inspector Chalu Pandey stops them. Now follow our articles to know what will happen next. Thank you.