August 5, 2021


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Bhide messed up at Popatlal's honor ceremony

Bhide messed up at Popatlal's honor ceremony

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 11th July 2021 Episode Written Update – Bhide messed up at Popatlal’s honor ceremony – SAB TV Serials

In SAB TV‘s show Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 11th July 2021 Episode Written Update,¬†Jethalal and Bapuji come to their room. Bapuji asks Jethalal, you got a gift from Miramar Resort, where is the pouch in which the decoction was? Jethalal tells that he gave it to Mehta Saab. Bapuji says that I was feeling like drinking decoction, I will go to Mehta in the evening and drink a little.

Jethalal says that we have come here for a picnic, so drink some good drinks like Jaljeera, juice, ice tea. Bapuji says I drank ice tea in Goa. Jethalal asks let me get it for you. Bapuji says I will drink whenever I want.

Bhide, Iyer, Mehta Saab and Sodhi meet the resort’s Manager and tell him that we want to function at 5 o’clock for that we need a hall. If you show us the hall, we will select from it.

The Manager shows a huge hall with a capacity of 1000 people and the rent is 7 lakh. But these people say that this hall is very big and only the people of the society are with us, so a smaller hall should be shown in our budget.

The Manager brings them to another hall which is smaller than that. He tells that you will get it cheaply. Mehta Saab ask for how much will this hall be available? The Manager tells that including the place and decoration, it will be in 3 lakhs. Mehta Saab tells that we are not doing any family function, we are doing society function, so the budget is also less.

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 11th July 2021 Episode Written Update

Sodhi tells that we have to honour Popatlal who had made the mission Kala Kauwa successful and his companions. The Manager tells that now I have understood, now I show you such thing which will also be of your choice and will also fit in your budget.

The Manager brings him to a small hall which is like by all. He tells that we will give you a small stage and make decorations too. Bhide tells the Manager to keep 4-5 round table chairs and 6-7 chairs on the stage too. Mehta Saab ask Bhide if there any work? Bhide tells that now there is no work, enjoy with your family and meet here exactly at 4.30 pm and see how you have prepared? Those who have honoured are called at 5 o’clock.

Anjali, Komal and Madhavi are eating and enjoying in the restaurant. Then they get the message of Bhide, today’s function is fixed at 5 pm. They think of getting ready for the function.

Along with Tappu Sena, Bapuji and Bagha also play water volleyball. They enjoy it a lot. Bhide comes and tells everyone that there is a function at 5 o’clock, so get ready quickly. Bapuji asks him what is the function? Bhide tells that there is a surprise function, you will know at 5 o’clock. Everyone goes to get ready.

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Bhide, Iyer, Mehta Saab, Sodhi and Abdul come to the hall and see all the preparations. The receptionist Jiya brings a board on which the names of all the people who were in the mission Kala Kauwa are written. Mehta Saab checks the writing on the board and he tells to keep the board covered.

Sodhi tells Bhide that you should dispose of this honour ceremony quickly, after that we have to do a party sharty too. Bhide speaks in an hour this honour ceremony will be over after that let’s do party sharty comfortably.

Tappu Sena comes there, they like the decoration of the hall very much. They ask who did the decoration of the hall? Bhide tells that this decoration is done by the resort people. He says thank you to the Manager and Meera on behalf of the Gokuldham society. After that the ladies come, they also like the hall very much.

Bhide sends Tapu and Pinku to call Popatlal and Bharti. He sends Goli to bring Jethalal, Champak chacha and Bagha. Sonu and Gogi are asked to bring Hathi Bhai.

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Popatlal tells Bharti how much my Gokuldham family loves me. I am not married but never let me feel alone. For me, they are more than my family. Bharti says that they have come here from Mumbai to surprise you, but what is a surprise? Popatlal says I don’t know anything can happen.

Tappu and Pinku take Popatlal and Bharti with them to the hall. Sonu, Gogi and Komal come to call Hathi Bhai but He asks to leave after eating breakfast, so Komal, Gogi and Sonu pull him by hand and take him away.

Goli comes to pick up Jethalal, Bapuji and Bagha in their room. He eats the fruits lying in his room and everyone leaves to go towards the hall.

In the next episode, Bhide forgets to bring the shawl for the honour ceremony of Popatlal. Now follow our articles to know what will happen next. Thank You.