August 5, 2021


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Short Stories For Kids

Short Stories For Kids

Short Stories For Kids – Magical Baby

Short Stories For Kids – There was a village called Dharampur. All villagers in Dharampur were very poor. They all are farmers and work in their farms but because of drought they are always in loss. Ramesh and Tulsi living in the village are no different. They are also very poor but they always think that one day their life will change. Tulsi was devotee of Lord Krishna. She prayed Lord Krishna for the well being of village and villagers. She use to worship everyday.

Short Stories For Kids – Magical Baby

One day Lord Krishna appear in her dream and told her that he is happy with her worship and he will complete her wishes. Tulsi was very happy that Lord Krishna is happy with her and now as per her wish villagers will get happy.

Few days later, Tulsi become pregnant and deliver a cute baby boy, who she named Krishna. Krishna was too cute and much brighter compared to children of his age. With every passing day Tulsi find that Krishna is different.

As long as Krishna gets older the villagers of Dharampur saw change in their life. The village having drought few year’s back is now having ample of water. Also all farmers become wealthy.

Short Stories In English – Magical Baby

Tulsi starts to believe that Krishna is Lord Krishna and as God promise him in her dream the life of villagers changed a lot.

One day Tulsi asked Krishna is he really Lord Krishna. Suddenly Lord Krishna appear in front of her and told her that, this is her worship which brings God to come at Earth. Tulsi asked Krishna, everyone worship God then why he choose Tulsi only.

Lord Krishna told her that, everyone worship God, and wish for themselves, but Tulsi worship God and never ask something for herself. This is different about her worship hence God come like her worship and complete her worship. Tulsi thank Lord Krishna.

After this Tulsi’s family and villagers of Dharampur live happy forever.

Moral Of The Story

Everyone Worship God, But God like them, who pray for others.