June 22, 2021


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Madan Bhai In TMKOC Real Name

Madan Bhai In TMKOC Real Name

Madan Bhai In TMKOC Real Name – Boss Real Name In TMKOC

Popatlal’s Mission Kala Kauwa is at it’s peak now. Popatlal and Bharti who started this Mission Kala Kauwa to expose the black marketiers of Covid 19 essentials are now kidnapped by these people and their life is in danger. At the starting, everyone thought that, Popatlal will be succeed in this mission easily, but now this mission has become dangerous. Though if negative character or villain is dangerous, story becomes more interesting. Current track of Tarak Mehta also has a dangerous villain and it is Madan Bhai. Most of you have queries such as Madan Bhai In TMKOC Real Name and Boss Real Name In TMKOC. Hence today we are here with the answer.

Madan Bhai In TMKOC Real

Real Name of actor who plays Madan Bhai In TMKOC is “Muni Jha“.

Muni Jha is very senior actor and working in Hindi Movies and Serials since long time. His notable works are SRK’s Blockbuster “Devdas” in 2002, Sanjay Dutt starrer Khalnayak in 1993 and SSR’s Kai Po Che in 2013.

Along with these Muni Jha also worked in many popular Hindi Serials.

Boss Real Name In TMKOC

In current TMKOC Mission Kala Kauwa story we are seeing Muni Jha since long, though he has very less screen time and he mostly instruct Deepti over phone. But as this mission is heading towards it’s climax, Muni Jha aka Madan Bhai is here to torture Popatlal and Bharti.

We hope Madan Bhai will not succeed in his final deal. Popatlal along with Bharti will succeed in their mission.

In next few episodes, we will see many more new entries in the show including Sodhi, Iyer and Inspector Chalu Pandey.

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