August 5, 2021


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Full Forms

Full Forms

Full Forms Meaning and Importance Of Full Forms !

Full Forms are long and difficult to remember. Hence we develop abbreviations. Abbreviations are commonly used in our day to day life. But for our general knowledge we should know the Long Forms for these abbreviations. Today we will discuss importance of Full Forms and most common abbreviations we use.

Full Forms

Full Forms can be defined as detailed meaning of a abbreviation. Most of us use various abbreviations in our life but we are using them without knowing there long forms. Hence using abbreviations is not bad but we should know the long forms too for better understanding.

Benefits Of Using Abbreviations 

Abbreviations are short and simple to pronounce hence they are widely accepted and used in our daily life. Abbreviations are mostly containing first letter of every word of the whole line. For ex. Paytm is the abbreviations of Full Form Pay Through Mobile.

Disadvantages Of Using Abbreviations

Abbreviations are easy to use but if you don’t know the full form for the abbreviation then it’s not good for your knowledge and vocabulary. It’s good habit to know the details about the things and words you use always. Also there are many abbreviations which are common for many full forms, such cases make confusion. For Ex. Abbreviation DP is common for Full Forms such as Display Picture and Data Processing.

Common Words That We Use Are Actually Abbreviations

We will tell you some common words that you use in your day to day life but you will be surprised to know that  these are abbreviations actually and have Long forms.

  • OK – Olla Kalla
  • Chess – Chariot, Horse, Elephant, Soldiers
  • Bye – Be With You Every Time
  • Am – Ante Meridiem

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