August 5, 2021


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Full Form Of DP

Full Form Of DP

Full Form Of DP – For Beautiful Social Media Profile

Few year’s back, people used to judge you by your personality and the way you behave with them, but today people first check your social media profile and then decide to meet you or not. So to have a good looking social media profile the most important thing is your DP. Most of the people used to update their DP every day and keep people updated with their life events. But what is DP ? We know you will say DP is the picture that display first on your social media handles. But we are asking what is the Full Form Of DP ? If you don’t know this then don’t worry this article is for you. Today we will discuss about DP and Full Form Of DP. So Let’s start.

Full Form Of DP

Full Form Of DP is, “Display Picture“.

This is quite obvious as anyone who search your profile on social media find the DP first and hence it’s called as Display Picture.

Advantages Of DP

  • Having a good DP make your profile beautiful and attractive.
  • If there are multiple accounts with same name, then your account can be easily identified with DP.
  • To make your friends jealous.
  • To keep your family and friends updated with your life events.

Disadvantages Of DP

  • You can hide your whole profile and other pictures but can’t hide DP from unknown people.
  • If you wish someone not to watch your Display Picture, this is not possible.

These days DP has become a style statement for many. People click several pictures every day just to have a nice DP on their social media handles. People are waiting to receive “Nice DP” comment from their friends. Hence having a nice DP is very essential.

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