August 5, 2021


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Full Form Of CAA, CAB and NRC

Full Form Of CAA, CAB and NRC

Full Form Of CAA, CAB and NRC With Details !

CAA, CAB & NRC are not new words for Indian’s any more. These three words making noise everywhere either it is Parliament or TV Debates or even Social Media. In recent years Bills like CAA, CAB and NRC are undoubtedly the most controversial. But do know what is the Full Form Of CAA, Full Form Of CAB and Full Form Of NRC ? If your answer is No, then don’t worry, here we will discuss Full Forms of CAA, CAB and NRC along with it’s details.

Full Form Of CAB

Before CAA we will discuss about CAB as both are related to each other.

Full Form Of CAB is “Citizenship Amendment Bill“.

This means before any law passes in parliament it is called as bill and later called as an act.

Citizenship Amendment Bill was proposed in year 2019 and passes in parliament on 11th December 2019.

Full Form Of CAA

As we understand above one any bill passes through parliament it become act.

Hence Full Form Of CAA is “Citizenship Amendment Act“.

Citizenship Amendment Act is active in India from December 2019.

What Is CAA

Now we understand Full Form Of CAA and CAB but the next question is What Is CAA.

CAA is a law which allows Indian Nationality to the people who migrated to India before December 2014 from Muslim nations like, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Until this there is not dispute but CAA offers nationality based on religion.

CAA grants Indian Nationality to migrated people who are Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi and Sikh by religion and excludes Muslims.

Therefore many people and organisations are opposing this law as they think there is should not be diversion on basis of religion.

Full Form Of NRC

Full Form Of NRC is “National Register Of Citizens“.

NRC is one more controversial topicĀ  in India these days. NRC or National Register Of Citizen is for the purpose to make legal document of all actual citizens of India and identify the illegal migrants, so they can be deported.

Indian State Assam is the first to start NRC.

We hope this article is informative to you and now you understand,

Full Form Of CAB : Citizenship Amendment Bill

The Full Form Of CAA : Citizenship Amendment Act

Full Form Of NRC : National Register Of Citizens

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