August 5, 2021


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Best Indian Foods

Best Indian Foods

Top 10 Best Indian Foods That Strikes Indian Hearts !

Indian’s are foodie and we can guarantee that the variety of food Indians eat, no other people in world do that. India not only have variety of languages, lifestyle but also food. Every Indian state has it’s own variety of food and on top of that Indian Street Food are gem. Surely Indian Street Foods are the most delicious in the world. Hence today we have bring a list of Top 10 Best Indian Foods That Strikes Indian Hearts for you.

Top 10 Best Indian Foods

  • Pav Bhaji : Pav Bhaji is popular all over India. This is most liked Indian street food as millions of Indians plan to eat Pav Bhaji on holidays. Not only at street but also most of the people prepare Pav Bhaji at home. Either it is a holiday or any special occasion like birthday party Pav Bhaji is first choice for the Indians. Pav Bhaji is mixture of multiple vegetables which are served with pav. Specially Pav Bhaji prepared in Mumbai is popular all over in India. For you we have a special Mumbai Pav Bhaji Recipe that you would like.



  • Bread Pakoda : In case you have left from home in hurry and suddenly understands you can’t go to work without eating something and also don’t have enough money, in such case Break Pakoda is the most suitable option for you. Millions of Indian either living away from home or forgot to have breakfast choose Bread Pakoda as their breakfast. You will not find a street where there is no vendor of Bread Pakoda. If you haven’t eat or prepared Break Pakoda then we have a special recipe for you.



  • Poha : Poha is basically a Maharashtrian Breakfast recipe. Most of the homes in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have Poha in their breakfast menu twice or trice in a week. Even when any guest come to home, Poha is primary serving for them. If you haven’t taste the poha yet then you will be missing something amazingly tasty. But don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Please watch the recipe of poha.


Best Indian Food Recipes

  • Sabudana Vada : Sabudana Vada is mainly prepared for fast. But the dish to so delicious that most of the people wait for the day of fast. If you haven’t taste the dish yet, please watch the recipe below.



  • South Indian Appe Recipe : If we are speaking about Indian street food, then how can we forget South Indian Breakfasts. In recent years South Indian Breakfast Recipes become so popular in other parts of India. There are so many south indian dishes like, Dal Appe, Idli and Dosa. We have bought a recipe of Dal Appe for you.



  • Kanda Bhajiya : Kanda Bhajiya will make you lick your lips. Like bread pakoda Kanda Bhajiya too have huge fan base in India. Specially in rainy season most of the people die to eat Kanda Bhajiya. You can watch a special Kanda Bhajiya Recipe below.



  • Bhel Recipe : Bhel is basically a evening snacks recipe. Most of the Indian’s eat Bhel at evening with their family. There are variety of Bhel made in different parts of India. In these all Mumbai’s Chaupati Bhel is most popular.



  • Vada Pav RecipeMumbai’s Vada Pav is the most popular and favorite street food. Most of the Mumbaikar choose Vada Pav as their breakfast while walking to their offices. A pav stuffed with Aloo vada is the secret recipe of Vada pav. Vada Pav can be called as Indian Burger.


  • Idli Dosa : As we discussed earlier, among famous south Indian recipes Idli and Dosa are the most favorite of Indians. If you wish to taste south Indian cousin then Idli and dosa are easily available and tasty also.


  • Pani Puri : Pani Puri is undoubtedly the most favorite Indian food. Specially girls are mad and in love with Pani Puri. Pani Puri is popular in other parts of India and only have different names like Gol Gappa and Puchka.


We hope you will like our list for the Top 10 Best Indian Foods list. If you have any query or complaint regarding this article, then please comment below.